Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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The Porter Airline Experience: First Class on a Budget

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The Porter Airline Experience: First Class on a Budget

As a business professional and avid traveller I have to fly occasionally all across North America and sometimes internationally. For short flights, West Jet Airlines was my preferred airline until a co-worker told me about her Porter experience and provided a compelling reason to try the new Toronto based airliner.

I had to take a quick flight to Boston, MA and chose to fly Porter to really see what this “experience” is all about. My flight was scheduled to depart at 430pm and of course being a veteran flyer I showed up 2 hrs early. I got to the airport, parked my car, took the short ferry ride to the terminal and was at the checkout in about 20 min. I then proceeded to check in, clear customs and headed to my gate all which took another 20 min and then I thought to myself, this process normally takes 2 hrs at Pearson, now what do I need to do? To my disbelief the was it. So here I had an hour till boarding and had no idea what to do with all this time.

I walked into what I call a first class lounge with leather seats, complimentary coffee, water, lattes and complimentary snacks. I then saw the business area which had brand new iMacs for general public use, leather seating and a complimentary wifi. I pinched myself only to realize this wasn’t a dream. I then emailed my boss and admin to apologize for racking up a bill by using Porter airlines. My admin called me and said “your flight to Boston was $80 and the same flight with Air Canada was $340”. Then my boss called me just for a chuckle.

It was now time to board, I got into the plane which had leather seating, plenty of leg room and complimentary alcohol and food on this one hour $80 flight. Porter uses the q400 series aircrafts which for a prop plane has some serious muscle which provide a smooth takeoff and flight in general. Furthermore, the staff is not only pleasant but sociable which I found to be a great attribute.

Now to save the best for last, the island airport in Toronto is not only convenient but beautiful given you have a clear view of the Toronto skyline on the way out and as you fly back in. Furthermore once you get off the plane, your luggage is at your footstep, Ferry runs fairly often so minimal wait time and back into your car within 15 min from the time you exit the aircraft.

Although Porter is a regional player with short hauls to parts of Canada and the US, their service, price and most importantly convenient location prove to be serious competition for other local carriers such as Air Canada and West jet.

As a frequent flyer I can certainly agree with their “flying refined” philosophy and give them two thumbs up.

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  • Poonam Sehgal said:

    I will have to experience this for myself. Thank you for the compelling argument. It almost makes me want to book a flight just for the sake of trying this airline. I will definitely book with Porter and let you know what my “experience” was like!