Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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Turning an Argument Around

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Turning an Argument Around

Who really takes pride or joy in arguing with their significant other, friend or colleague. Its gets you no where and a few minutes after you’re done babbling on about nothing, you realize this argument could have been prevented or avoided all together. You exchange words that you typically wouldn’t want to hear otherwise and both realize that this argument simply isn’t worth it. After all two mature individuals should be able to avoid this all together. What you have to evaluate is something I like to call the “before and after impact” – that is what mental state were you pre and post argument. Hey some people feel better after letting off a little steam but think the next day, how would you feel?

I’m pretty sure that most people would agree that pre argument mental state is a lot more healthy, positive and balanced . So before you get into your next argument, think of the state of mind you want to be in after the fact. If you have some pressing issues that you’d like to address there are other ways to address it. If you completely feel that you cant get through to the person investigate the option of getting an opinion from a friend or professional on other techniques. At the end of the day its always about the mental state of mind that you want to be in. If you want to remain happy, positive and balanced, ask yourself what kind of relationship with the other person will help you accomplish that state of mind. Take a minute to reflect on the argument and tackle ways together how you can avoid it in the future. After all you have to live and sometimes lead by example. Create an action plan and put it to the test. You have nothing to lose and your friend/significant other to gain. Good luck

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