Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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The Best Place to Meet other Singles

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The Best Place to Meet other Singles

I find find it ironic when I speak to my single friends about their status (actually they confess to me). Some may argue the benefits of being single and claim to “live it up” and enjoy life. Really what this means is ‘I’m having a hard time finding someone, so I’ll pretend I’m happy in the meantime and put up a front’. So for those of you who are like some of my friends who share this on.

The reality is most people likes to be single and want to share their happiness with others, even if its a short term relationship. The idea of having someone who listens to you and shares opinions (or arguments) with you, can sometimes be different from the norm. So the question is where do you meet the decent people now a days? Our list is composed based on feedback from a dozen males and a dozen females. Not a large sample but enough to draw some common elements. We’ll rank them in the order of popularity so the next time you choose to hit these hot spots, you’ll be sure to dress to impress.

10. The Mall – meeting people in a large crowd has always been, and will continue to be difficult. Walking by some attractive people will not get you in the game. Also these singles travel in packs so the chance of you going up to them and getting their (and their friends) approval is slim but believe it or not, a few if my sample group met randomly at the mall in one of their relationships.

9. The Park – there are a lot of single individuals (including single parents) who enjoy the occasional stroll to the park. Finding that “eye locking love at first sight” moment could just happen there. This happened between two of my sample of individuals about three years ago. In short, their were both talking their nephews/cousins to the park, when the two little boys started playing with one another. Soon the two adults grew some interest towards one another and are now engaged.

8. The Gym – Ok I get it, not the ideal setting to meet someone. Who wants to really see a person potentially at their worse. However, you can agree that the individual does care about their health and is working out for the betterment of their live. Simply asking them how to use a certain machine or exercise techniques can get the conversation going.

7. The Library – Believe it or not in Toronto the Reference Library at one point in time was ranked the number one hot spot. The vast majority of the population in this place was students and it was almost impossible to find a spot to even sit. With so many students in the building, the chance of catching a single fish in the pond was extremely high. College/University libraries are a great way to start up a conversation on classes or certain books.

6. Church – Yes this still made the list. For those religious good samaritan sunday church goers (or whatever you go for your beliefs), this is still a great place to meet other singles. There are some folks who will not date out of their religion/beliefs so you can definitely add a check mark to that criteria.

5. Work – Ok I know its not the ideal situation but working closely with somebody and getting to know them on a different level can happen. There are some who can complement each others skills which make them a great team…sometimes that complement extend beyond the four walls of the office.

4. School – One of the best places to meet other singles is in school. With gossip travelling as fast as it does, you would know within 10 minutes whether the individual that’s caught your attention is on the market for some fun luv’n. Not only that, its a great way to strike up a conversation on a common theme.

3. The coffee shop – So you get up on a beautiful sunday afternoon, go out for a stroll and pop into your local coffee shop on a hot sunny day. Sitting next to the window you lock eyes with that special someone. Ok ok i know that’s a bit dramatic. Coffee shop’s is a great way to hangout and strike up a conversation with someone. Its an intimate setting and usually you wouldn’t have to deal with large packs like you would in a mall.

2. Single’s Martini Bar/Casual Club (Tied) – This is still a great way to communicate with other singles, especially if you are going to a singles bar. The intent for all people coming to the bar is generally clear, so you should really lose the tension when coming to these places. If you find someone of interest great but if not, don’t worry, its a great place to kick back and have a few drinks. The key is to focus on having fun rather than stressing about meeting someone.

2. Online dating sites (Tied) – Online dating sites are become more popular over time. While meeting someone online can be scary, there are several matrimonial sites or general dating sites that can really help you narrow down your perfect partner. Some may argue this might be “desperate” but to be quite frank, it opens a new channel to communication and is perfectly legitimate. Its always smart and common practice to meet in a large public setting on the first encounter to ensure the person on the end is what you’re looking for in your next romance.

1. Through other friends – This still is the best way to meet other singles. Much like running a successful business, starting a new relationship can really be successful on referrals. This also includes meeting people through friends on popular online channels including facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace etc. Adding a friend by telling them you know a common friend can put some ease to the situation and help shake up a good conversation.

So for those singles who are really struggling with finding the perfect match, take a look at the list above. The key to it though is not to look for it aggressively, give it time to come to you if necessary. Remain calm, composed, confident and most importantly positive and i’m sure love for you is getting one step closer. Just think positive!

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