Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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Expecting Your First

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Expecting Your First

Whether you had a bad day at work, missed the bus this morning, or forgot your lunch, nothing else will bring a smile to your face like knowing that your first is on its way. Anticipation and excitement will kick in, you’ll begin to think of what to buy, how to prepare or what to call your new bundle of joy. So what if you missed the bus, you’ll catch it tomorrow, or you can grab some grub from the cafeteria and everybody has bad days at work. But starting the morning and ending the day knowing that you will soon welcome your new addition and have a family of your very own will not only help you crack a smile every day but also help you cope with just about anything.

Many new parents go through this amazing feeling, knowing that they have created new life which they can shape and mould into a wonderful human being. Now you’ll have a lot of waking up in the middle of the night, dirty diapers, and crying and screaming. Sounds exciting right? Once you touch your little precious bundles feet and kiss its head for the first time knowing that this is your miracle, the hesitation and fear of having a hectic life will fade away. You’re life can only get better at this point, think about the precious moments to come. The first time your baby crawls, the first time it’ll walk and best of all when it calls you moma or dada. The anticipation towards these moments makes me excited and anxious to hold my first bundle of joy.  What a feeling!

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