Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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What you take for Granted…

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Time is a very precious thing that many may take for granted.  When work, school, friends consume your life, you forget about yourself and the important people in your life.  Life continues whether we pick up that phone and call to see if a loved one is doing well, or whether we finish that essay that’s due for class.  Its up to the individual, themselves, to make that time to spend quality moments on their own and/or with others.  Relationships require time and energy, whether its a family relationship or a friendship; it makes no difference.  People need to learn to push aside their other priorities that seem to be isolating them away from the world, and focus on other things.  We are all culprits of this lifestyle, its where the saying “there’s just not enough hours in a day” came from, because a lot of the times, we feel we could accomplish so much more if we only had the time.  Lets stop and think about where these accomplishments for work and school will take us if we don’t complete them at that very moment?  They’ll still be there the very next day, right?  They won’t get done, unless you do it.  However, what if you miss your baby’s first steps, or your wife’s biggest promotion at work, or your husband’s business launch? Those events will never come back, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.  Let this be a learning lesson to all, on how to prioritize what is more important in one’s life and aid in managing time more effectively.  We only live once, lets make sure we don’t live it on regrets!

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