Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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Plan for Success

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Plan for Success

There are many individuals that I know who aspire to be better in what they do whether it be to get a better job, start their own business or finish their education. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage that dont get through their goals simply because they lack a solid plan.

Developing a plan can be a great way to not only acheive some of your goals but to also be used as a motivational tool to help you strive for your milestones. People often say that its easier to write what they want to say rather than verbally say it because writing it on paper is so much easier. Well a plan doesnt differ in concept.

A famous example is Jim Carrey’s $10 million dollar cheque to himself. He wrote the cheque in hopes to cash it 10 years later. He developed a plan on how he would achive his goal. This included short term acheivements, long-term requirements and strict timelines. He was so focussed on acheiveing his goal that 10 years later and after sticking to a rigerous plan, he was able to cash the $10 million dollar cheque.

A corporation is no different in acheiveing its goals. It sets out project milestones, returns on its investment and budgetary requirements all which are ingredients in a successful business plan. Look at corporations like Microsoft that grew from a garage business to one of the most successful business’ in the world.

So you’re probably thinking of how to write a good plan? The best part about writing a plan is its tailored to you, it could be as little as a piece of paper to a book if that’s what you want. Working with successful people I’ve learned the following about their planning tactics

1) Ensure your goals are measureable and reasonable. Avoid timelines that are too aggressive to meet because failure to achieve them will result in a lack of motivation. Ensure you give yourself enough time and make sure you can measure the goals. An example would be “in 24 months I want to finish a photography course that will give me the fundamental basics”. The end result is completing the course which is measureable.

2) Make the flow logical, ordered and neat. Ensure your plan includes all the right steps and dont try to cut corners. Write down the steps to how you plan to achieve each milestone and ensure you make note of dependencies. For example you cant go to law school unless you have an undergraduate degree.

3) Do a sanity check and make changes only when needed. Often plan’s can be long term and over the years things can change. For example if you wanted to open your own business, there may be new government rules or requirements which need to be incorporated into your plan. Review your plan frequently to ensure you are still on track.

4) Stay real and be fluid. I have had conversations with some people who follow their plan so rigidly,  that they lose sight to some of the more important things in life such as family, friends or even keeping an open mind to something that might enhance their plan. I had a person whom I’ve done business with that wanted to open their own bakery. His plan was to sell pasteries and muffins. Unfortuantely a competitor opened the same concept and my client was recommended to increase assortment to cakes and cupcakes as well. Since this was not a part of his original plan, he ignored the market demand and competition and lost a significant amount of business to his competitor. After some market research, I was able to convince him to increase his assortment which did wonders for sales in the next period.

5) Stay positive. One of the leading causes to dying dreams is lack or loss of motivation and a positive attitude. People get detered when things dont go their way or just think to themselves that their concept wont work. Having a positive attitidue can help combat downtimes and really lift the spirits for anybody helping you with your plan.

People often say success is a result of luck, but I argue that and say success really comes from a solid plan and a positive attitude!

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