Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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Hot Yoga Calorie Killer

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Hot Yoga Calorie Killer

Yoga, generally speaking has come along way as a form of art that not only is physically challenging but also helps to balance the mind through its creative movements. Hot yoga, what I feel a further complicated extension of modern day yoga looks to challenge your balance, flexibility, endurance and most importantly your breathing while within a heated room. Hot yoga can further be broken down into different subsets of hot yoga some focusing on flexibility and relaxation while the other focusing on core body strength and breathing.

Often people ask me of the benefits of hot yoga and my answer is very vague and generic and that is, the benefits are driven based on the effort they put in. If you go to class and try your hardest then chances are you will be more flexible, toned, with a potential to lower your level of stress. In contrast, if your intention is to go and do the bare minimum in class (I have seen this) then your benefit payback will be a lot less.

Hot Yoga is a great form of rejuvenating fitness that can help burn anywhere from 400 to upward 1000 calories over a 90 minute session. While the numbers sound good, they only come to fruition when you decided to capitalize on the moment and put in your best effort. Most large organizations like Moksha Yoga or Bikram Yoga will offer community classes that enable you to try out the practice and see if it works for you. If you have tried it out or plan to try it out, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Here is a short hot yoga video

So until then. Namaste!

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