Toxic Workplaces: How to Stay Positive
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Keeping a positive mindset in a toxic work environment can be an extremely difficult task. I've spent some time in toxic work places and motivating workplaces and there is a vast difference between employee moral …

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VOIP can save you Thousands

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VOIP can save you Thousands

More and more north americans are trying to cut costs and save on their monthly expenditures. They are finding clever ways to cut corners to save the extra buck. Well here is a big savings options for you all, VOIP!. Ever wonder how much you spend on your phone? No REALLY spend on your phone bill? In north america the average Canadian will dish out about $40 per month with their large local provider. Unless you talk on the phone for hours on end to the point where the phone companies are on the other end are crossing their fingers in hopes of you cancelling your service, you are likely over paying for your phone service. I was having a chat with a close friend of mine over the weekend and he has hit rock bottom (according to him atleast) and cant afford the simple things in life such as a home phone. I paused, looked at him, and asked, “you mean to tell me you’re still on a regular home phone while having a high speed internet connection at home”?

Voice over IP or (VOIP) for short has revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Large telco’s and service providers have also jumped shop in their offers of voip service because they understand its the way of the future. I would argue that even their voip plans a are bit pricy. A local carrier charges $25 per month for basic service and $40 including basic necessities such as voice mail, caller id etc. Now that also limits your calling zone and for some it can cost almost $80 per month with all the bells and whistles which doesn’t include the $5 per month unit rental fee and the $7 system access fee. Total damage for the year is close to $1100. Even if you pay $40 per month with the additional fees you are still looking at upward $600. Now if you have a job you are likely only using the phone 50 percent of the time (even thats a stretch). Isn’t that a steep fee?

There are now hundreds of cheap voip providers that can provide you all the bells and whistles but more importantly charge you for what you use (now isn’t that a new concept!). There are many popular voip plans such as Skype (for those countries that have skypein), vonage but I use a local Canadian service called that provides me everything I need and enables me to save a ton of money per year. For a penny per minute, I can call or receive calls from anywhere in Canada or the United States. You can purchase an expensive phone adaptor (one time fee of $60 for a really good one) that lets you use your regular phones or hook it into your phone line so all the jacks in the house are powered up. You can also use the service over wi-fi on your iphone, ipod, ipad and many more devices. Now lets break this down mathematically for us to really see the difference. Below is a look at my scenario.

Minutes used per month (incoming and out going) approx 1000, voip cost at 1 penny per min is $10 for the month plus e911 and DID fees what are about $3 in total for a grand total of $13 per month. No system access fee or hidden costs!!. Now these voip plans include caller id, voice mail, call re-route, IVRs you name it, they have it and its for free. With a telephone company if you had all these features you are looking at $92 per month for a difference of $79 per month and a grand total savings of nearly $1000 per year (I know I sound like a commercial but really they aren’t endorsing me). Now this doesn’t include the ridiculous long distance fees your phone company would charge you. Isn’t that worth your annual vacation?

The advent of VOIP has really offered more people the option to save money so that they can put that money to more beneficial things like savings, investments or treating themselves to a vacation. These savings will make you feel better, be more positive about your expenditures and be more money wise. Isn’t it time you do something nice for yourself?

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  • Jack F said:

    I will try out Looks like a good buy. I am tired of Rogers over charging me for just about everything